Name:  Taylor Craig
State/Province: MA

My girlfriend and I just returned from our snowmobile trip to 5 Lakes Lodge. We had a great time! I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great place to stay to try out 5 Lakes Lodge, you will not be disappointed. The hosts Rick and Debbie are truly the nicest people, their honest suggestions and advice on where to ride, and eat, or where you may see a moose, they know how to do it right, we had such a great time. The lodge is amazing, with spectacular views. Thank you guys very much for one of the nicest get aways!!! We will vist again!!!

Taylor Craig

Date: 3/7/2007  

Name:  Steve&Trudie Biddiscombe
State/Province: Somerset

Most people think that you have to die before you get to Heaven, well for two weeks in September 2006 we can assure you that we went to heaven and as far as we can recollect we're still alive. We can't guarantee that you will meet God, but what we can guarantee is that you will meet the next best thing...........Rick and Debbie.

Situated along the banks of a Lake "5 Lakes Lodge" is a shining example of a Bed and Breakfast built to perfection with only one thought in mind - the welfare and happiness of its Guests.Our initial intention was to stay for 7 nights but after the first night we were "Begging" Rick for more - ultimately we spent our whole vacation there, 11 glorious nights. Breakfast at the Lodge is magical. Recipes painstakingly prepared by Debbie and professionally cooked by Rick (no "sunny side up" or "over easy" here,  not bad for a Brit eh!).

After Breakfast whether you plan to chase Moose or Hike the miles of winding Trails or even go the Distance and climb Katahdin, Rick is always willing to convey his vast knowledge and experience of the area to you.

We hated to leave and just wished that we lived in the U.S. so that we could visit more often. The warmth, friendliness and generosity that you will find at the Lodge is second to none and we certainly plan to taste a bit more of that again next year. So readers, don't take my word for it go visit and experience it for yourselves.

Oh, by the way, if you do visit please ensure that after breakfast you give "Amber" the dog her daily tummy rub......she loves it.

PS. Rick/Debbie you far exceeded our expectations. You are a credit to both yourselves and more importantly to the people of Maine.

Good Luck see you soon

Trudie and Steve Biddiscombe Somerset England

Date: 9/27/2006  

Name: Ben Ring &Jayne Dunsbee
State/Province: Kent

Staying at the 5 Lakes Lodge is a very special experience. We were truly made to feel like a part of their family from the very moment we arrived, to when we - VERY reluctantly! - had to leave after our 4 night stay.  Rick & Debbie are truly outstanding hosts and could not have done anything more to make this stay a wonderful experience. 

The Lodge is simply superb in its decor, ambience and comfort. The location is awesome - truly a place for all seasons, whether rain (catching up with that "must read" book whilst watching the breathtaking and ever-changing landscape) or sunshine (when activities such as some hard - and not so hard! - hiking or kayaking is rewarded with a great sense of achievement).

Rick and Debbie's local knowledge is second to none and they readily offer personalised suggestions to maximise your enjoyment of the area they love so much.  Baxter State Park - just on the doorstep - is one of the most unspoilt and tranquil Parks we have ever hiked in - and it's also the traditional end-point of the long-distance Appalachian Trail. Don't miss the chance to see the Park- and view moose! - from a different perspective either; that's from the air, from a float-plane which picks you up directly from the lake in front of the Lodge (and you dont even have to get your feet wet!).

Everything you have read about this amazing place is true....and then some!!  We know you won't believe this just from reading our comments, so our challenge to you is....go there and see for yourselves!!

We are definitely intending to go back to the Lodge in winter-time to take advantage of the snowy fun and games and soak up the unique atmosphere of another season.  Seeing Rick and Debbie again - and hopefully even some of the locals and other guests we had the pleasure of meeting during this visit - will be like meeting up with good friends once again.  We can't wait!!

PS - a special "woof" to Amber - Rick & Debbie's gorgeous cross-Labarador / Husky dog!! 


Ben & Jayne, UK

Date: 9/20/2006  

Name:  Dale & Vickie Bynum
State/Province: Texas

What a great time we had at Five Lakes Lodge.  Rick and Debbie were great hosts and made us feel like family.  They met our every need.  The breakfasts were yummie.  The accommodations were outstanding.  We were awed with the surrounding area and especially enjoyed our hikes on Mt. Katahdin, the beautiful loons on the lake and the picking of wild blueberries.  Each year we select a destination where we can enjoy the greatest parks America has to offer.  We have hiked up Mt. Rainier and other trails in that national park.  We have hiked across the Grand Canyon and the beautiful trails of Zion and Bryce national parks.  We have experienced the rugged beauty of the great southwestern trails of the Chisos mountains at Big Bend and Guadalupe mountains national parks.  However, the hikes on Mt. Katahdin were special.  The trails are unique and challenging but so worthwhile.  It was so awe-inspiring as we started our climb in full sunshine and then the clouds began to creep over the top of the ridge and obscure the summit.  Soon after we reached the top the clouds gave way to the sun again and wow!  The views were spectacular.  It was a most rewarding adventure and  experience that we shall never forget.  What an awesome mountain is the great Katahdin.  Of all the wonderful trips we have taken this is the first time that we have said that we must return to Millinocket, Baxter State Park and especially the Five Lakes Lodge to see our great hosts and friends, Rick and Debbie.

Dale & Vickie Bynum  

Date: 9/11/2006  

Name:  Michelle kurlan
State/Province: NY

Thank you for a wonderful time! We loved every minute from start to finish and really didn't want to leave. I've never been to another B&B that was this genuine, beautiful, pristine, welcoming and authentic!! A true gem!

Date: 8/22/2006  

Name:  Christopher LeeKeenan
State/Province: MA

Imagine an elegant and luxurious pine log lodge with tile floors and sanded smooth pine walls, light dancing off the knots and cathedral ceilings, grand windows facing South Twin Lake, twenty paces across the green lawn. As if the lake and surrounding forest aren’t view enough, Mt. Katahdin stares straight at you, one day rising clear in the blue sky, another wearing a headdress of white cumulus, and another gone, completely submerged in grey rain clouds. We drank in the views from our bedroom rocking chairs, from the lawn chairs, and from the lodge kayaks and canoe. Late the first afternoon our hosts, Rick and Debbie, motored by with friends in their pontoon boat, almost old enough to be an antique and so well kept you could have bought it new yesterday. They hollered for us to join them and as the afternoon turned to dusk and then night we watched the full moon and the clouds turn colors and heard stories of the lake and its people. Whether we needed to map out a hike, go boating, white water rafting, or pick out a restaurant, Rick and Deb had excellent advice. Each morning their breakfasts were delicious and the conversations even better. This lodge is their home and they share it so graciously you feel like family. Quite frankly we didn’t want to go home… 5 Lakes Lodge is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for romance, tranquility, and rejuvenation. You won’t find anything else like it.

Date: 8/13/2006  

Name:  Bobby and Cheryl Theriault
State/Province: Rhode Island

I can spend a great deal of time highlighting all the wonderful qualities 5 Lakes lodge has to offer, but that has already been done in all the other posts. So too has the many wonderful aspects of our hosts Rick and Debbie. Instead I’ll choose to remark on the incredible relaxation achieved here. I have been many places around the world, but I never left a place feeling as complete and relaxed as I did when I left 5 Lakes Lodge. Sorry to leave but happy to return to my own life rejuvenated. My wife and I live busy and stressful lives. This place will truly heal and make one’s soul whole again. Any of the following words can describe this place, Tranquil, serene, majestic, beautiful and peaceful, it just depends on what you’re doing or feeling at the time. If you want peace, wildlife, adventure, romance, what ever you desire, it can be found here. My wife and I spent a week and it was our 25th wedding anniversary. During our week stay we hiked Katahdin and the knife’s edge, kayaked, took a seaplane ride which picked us up at the lodge’s beach, went birding, saw 19 moose, and explored the golden road. With our host’s knowledge of the area, their directions and suggestions it enabled us to make the most of the adventure time we had. Try it, you'll love it, we did!

Date: 8/11/2006  

Name:  Don & Marianne Luckie
State/Province: Florida

What does 5 Lakes Lodge offer? Tranquility...peace...natural beauty...breathtaking views...unique hospitality...and so much more.

We "happened" on the lodge about 8:30 PM when Debbie and Rick (innkeepers) were out to dinner. Third-time visitors to the lodge, Bev and Gordon, greeted us, showed us around, and gave us our exquisite room complete with log cabin charm, a captivating view over lakes to Mt. Katahdin, the most comfortable rocking chairs ever, and yes, a jacuzzi. Feeling the immediate ambiance of the lodge and its guests, we knew we had found the comfort and hospitality we had been seeking. The most comfortable king-sized bed and fresh air beckoned us to a marvelous night's sleep.

The easy-going nature of 5 Lakes Lodge continued the next morning when we met Rick. After enjoying the ribbing we gave him of allowing guests to take care of guests, he prepared and served a delicious breakfast of rasberry crumb cake (Debbie's superb cooking), unbelievable stuffed French toast, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. During the casual meal, we learned more about Debbie, Rick, Amber (resident, sweetheart dog), the lodge (their dream and home), the area, and each other. Each morning began with a different, unique breakfast, ideas for the day (hiking, sighting moose, kayakking, white-water rafting, boating), and relaxation. Amazingly, 5 Lakes Lodge offers both privacy and conversation, a delightful combination.

Continuing with accolades of the lodge and its owners, Debbie (equal in hospitality and charm) and Rick, would be repetitious to our completely enjoyable and serene stay. Our recommendation is totally off the charts, so visit yourself to experience the lodge, the innkeepers, and the area. These two Florida residents plan a return trip this winter for snowmobiling!

Thank you, Rick and Debbie!

Date: 7/27/2006  

Name:  Sean Morrison & Marcia Stern
State/Province: Wi

We've stayed at a lot of B&Bs over the years. Some have been good. Some have been very good.

5 Lakes Lodge is off the charts.

There may be another B&B where the same amount of thought went into anticipating every creature comfort of the people who would stay there, and where these features were executed with the same meticulous care, but I ain't seen it yet.

Tile floors heated by the hot water pipes. Fifteen foot arched ceilings. Satellite TV. The most potent jacuzzi it has ever been my pleasure to set my tired body into…in a bathroom which also features a heated towel rack and (ladies take note) a bidet. A way-past-king bed with a locally-made mattess so comfortable that my wife, a confirmed city mouse, was sawing some serious wood within two minutes of telling me that she'd never fall asleep in the quiet…and boy, was it quiet.

Getting the picture? Of course, you'll want to TAKE a picture out your window, which overlooks the lake. Mt Katahdin is in the background to give you a frame of reference. You can sit in one of the padded rockers while you focus the camera.

Think the people who went to all this trouble on your behalf might be nice hosts, as well? Best way to find out is give them a call to reserve your room.

Upstate Maine is one of the neglected jewels of the American outdoors, and 5 Lakes gives you a chance to enjoy the wilds of Baxter State Park, Mt. Katahdin, the Appalachian Trail, the Golden  Road, and on and on and on, then come back and enjoy all the comforts of civilization at the end of the day. Why all those folks crowding around Bar Harbor don't ride up (it's less than 2 1/2 hours of easy driving) and get the beauty (and the mooses!) without the crowds is a mystery to me.

Go back? I wish I was there right now!

Date: 6/11/2006  

Name:  John and Clare Crum
State/Province: New Jersey

My wife Claire and I are from NJ. In february '05 we decided to snowmobile in Maine. It would be our second time there since 1998. We searched the internet for a place to stay,what we found was this very interesting website of 5 Lakes Lodge, I always thought of myself as a very private person, not one to stay in a bed and breakfast type atmosphere, but Claire thought it was something we should try, and it turned out to be one of the greatest snowmobile trips of my life! Rick and Debbie made us feel like family! The food, our beautiful room (what a view)! and the other guests at the lodge were outstanding! Wow, I was so impressed with the lodge I  almost forgot! The trails from the lodge were without question the best we ever traveled, and we have ridden all over the northeast for over ten years. We don't know if we'll get the chance to get back there this year but we're sure going to try,we miss it!  John and Clare Crum.

Date: 1/6/2006  

Name:  Jason and Brenda Skoland
State/Province: Iowa

I fly out to Maine to see my husband who is currently on active duty in Brunswick. I had not seen him in 3 months and he kept telling me he had a surprise for me. It was 5 Lakes Lodge and we couldn't have been happier!!! Rick and Debbie made our time together heaven!!! What a beautiful lodge with beautiful scenery and truely beautiful hosts!!! We will never forget our stay with Rick, Debbie, and thier wonderful dog Amber! We hiked the Appalacian Trail which was so peaceful. We also stayed in our room alot. It was so relaxing with our own private little fireplace and we cant forget our own private hot tub as well. The bed was so comfortable we didn't want to get up. I think the only thing that did get us up was knowing we were going to get a fantastic breakfast and great conversation with Rick and Debbie. We give thier little piece of heaven 5 stars on a 4 star scale!! We plan on going back again this spring or summer sometime. We highly recommend 5 Lakes Lodge to anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life who wants to have the experience of a lifetime that you will remember for years and years to come! Thanks again Rick, Debbie, and Amber, for 4 days of our lives that we will never forget!!! Jason and Brenda Skoland

Date: 11/29/2005  

Name:  Christine Simeone
State/Province: MA

My boyfriend and I spent two wonderful nights here this past summer when we went up north to hike Mt. Katahdin. We only wished we had time to extend our stay for several more days. Rick and Debbie were wonderful hosts and very helpful in making sure we made the most of our couple of days - the restaurant recommendations were wonderful, the activities available at the Lodge were great and the suggestions about other activities we could do when we return (and we will return!) were so helpful.

The entire place was beautiful - the setting, the incredible craftsmanship that went into the lodge, the rooms, etc.

We like to stay in B&Bs when we travel, so we've visited many, and I can assure you, this one is on our short list of very special places we highly recommend to our friends and will certainly visit again.

Date: 10/28/2005  

Name:  Bruce and Melinda Adams
State/Province: N.C.

We visited 5 Lakes Lodge in early October.  The weather was wonderful and the fall leaves were excellent.  A major highlight of our trip was staying at the lodge.  In all of our travels this was by far the nicest place that we have ever stayed.  The most obvious reason was the beauty and warmth of our surroundings.  The room was so nice and comfortable that we wanted to linger instead of rushing off to a day's adventure.  Every detail from the furniture, to the towel warmer, the rockers and yes the bowl of candy in the room (with chocolate!) made this a special place.  What wasn't obvious from first glance, but rapidly became a major plus to this lodge were the hosts.  Rick and Debbie were the most delightful people.  They made you feel at home and they were there to help you in every way.  The food was outstanding and both Rick and Debbie are wonderful cooks!  We also got a lot of help in finding places to visit and things to do from them.  We also enjoyed the wonderful view of the lake as well as Mt. Katahdin.  It was nice to step outside and hop on a canoe and take a spin around the lake before dinner.  I would highly recommend 5 Lakes Lodge to anyone who plans to travel in the Millinocket area; in fact, I can't imagine staying anywhere else!

Date: 10/27/2005  

Name:  Mark and Rebecca Johnson
State/Province: Colorado

We stayed at the lodge for our honeymoon, and we loved it.  We joked with people about not leaving our room on our honeymoon, and with the fantastic views at the lodge, we didn't really need to.

The hospitality you provided was also greatly appreciated, and the breakfasts were great.  We also had a great time canoeing, playing in the paddle-boat, and swimming in the lake, as well as the wildlife we saw there, including a mother and calf moose, loons, and bald eagles.

We certainly hope to visit Maine again, and when we do, we will definitely book a stay at 5 Lakes Lodge, and we would recommend it to anyone who enjoys peaceful beauty.


Mark and Rebecca Johnson


Date: 10/10/2005  

Name: Michael & Elaine Conway
State/Province: England

Finding the 5 Lake Lodge web-site has been like a lottery win. Visitors are not guests here ,they are family and we have not experienced hospitality of this kind before in North America or anywhere else. Through Rick & Debbie you can become a part of the community however short your stay. This is not just a bed and breakfast it is a treatment centre for rejuvenating the tired and weary.

The Lodge and its location is idyllic. The lapping of the water and the cry of the loons at night is all part of the 5 Lakes Lodge experience - even Casey Jones "steaming and a rollin'" in the early hours adds rather than detracts from the pleasure of your stay. Two nights has been much too short but in one day in Baxter with Rick's guidance we have seen a black bear, moose, a red fox and a bird of prey swoop and take a ground squirrel just feet away from us.

Five Lakes has been like a drug and we are experiencing withdrawal symptons already. The only answer is to plan the next visit - like Arnie, " We'll be back "!


Date: 10/5/2005  

Name: Colin & Lynn Phelps
State/Province: PA

Excellent location! Outstanding accommodations! Superb hosts! Unforgetable vacation!!

Date: 9/25/2005  

Name: Joe and Yasmin Otero
State/Province: MA

Our visit to your lodge was a dream come true! The acommodations were superp in terms of comfort and beauty. The view from the room was breathtaking - it put in a trance! The breakfasts were delicious and filling. The advice on local activities was professional and on the mark - perfect activities. And you, Rick and Debbie, as host and hostess were personable and engaging. The only part of the stay we didn't like was having to leave!

We hope to come again - perhaps in a winter - and perhaps with our daughter and son-in-law.

Thanks, again.

-- Joe and Yasmin

Date: 9/20/2005  

Name:  Kevin & Dixie Punsky
State/Province: Florida

We spent seven fun-filled, romatic days in Maine on our honeymoon in early September 2005. It was the perfect place to re-energize and start our new life together. We began our trip on the coast in lovely Boothbay Harbor and then spent the last four days at 5 Lakes Lodge in the great North Woods of Maine. It has been one long week since we left the peace and tranquility of the great North Woods of Maine and all we can talk about is planning our return trip! During our stay at 5 Lakes Lodge, proprieters Rick and Deb were so friendly, gracious and hospitable. They made us feel welcome and at home -- as if we were part of their family. We were so impressed with their knowledge of the area, the people and its history. Their attention to detail along with their genuine personalities made our stay all the more enjoyable. As if that weren't enough, Amber the dog was there to greet us on our arrival and on our daily returns to the Lodge. She made us feel special too and helped to ease the separation from our own furry, four-legged friends back home. We can't say enough about the Lodge. What an extraordinary place! We stayed in the Pemadumcook Room (the honeymoon suite). The views of the lake and Mt. Katahdin were out of this world! We kept the windows open at night and slept to the crisp Fall breezes and the sounds of the lake water splashing on the shore just a few feet away. The bed was so cozy and warm. And the hot tub was so relaxing. Mornings were a real treat! Waking up to Rick and Deb's homemade Maine blueberry pancakes and stuffed French toast were a breakfast-lovers delight! Believe us when we tell you -- four days are not enough time to spend at this place! During our stay, we encountered four Moose on our journey through Baxter State Park, just a stone's through away from the Lodge. It was one of those wonderous "mother nature" experiences you never forget! We were awestruck by the upclose view of these tremendous creatures, the mountains, the lake and all that nature has to offer. Everyone should be so lucky as we were that day, if only to appreciate the gifts only God and nature can provide. On our return trip, we plan to do more hiking up Katahdin and other nearby mountains. There's never enough time to do it all on one trip! We spent our next to last day white water rafting on the Penobscot River just a few miles away from the Lodge. What a thrill! We were unsure and a bit timid at first, but once we hit that first five class rapid, we were hooked! We plan to do the Double Trouble next go 'round! When we came back from the river trip, Rick and Deb were there to greet us and offered to take us out on their pontoon boat for an evening sunset cruise on the lake. It certainly does not get any better than that evening. The views were spectacular. We also came across a bald eagles nest and watched in wonder as two of the eagles soared above us. Later that night after a fabulous dinner at a local establishment, we came back to see Rick and Deb outside watching the Northern Lights show. We stood with them gazing up at the Heavens and watching stars that were brighter than we had ever seen. We would highly recommend 5 Lakes Lodge. You won't regret it! We'll be back soon. Sincerely, Kevin & Dixie Punsky Jacksonville, Florida

Date: 9/20/2005  

Name:  Jack & Cheryl Nehiley
State/Province: ME

Our three day stay at 5 Lakes Lodge was the most relaxing get-a-way we have had in a long time. It was on the occasion of our 21st wedding anniversary, and we could not have picked a better spot for our weekend. 

Rick and Deb are experienced and gracious hosts that attend to every detail to see that your stay will be enjoyable and memorable.

We can't wait for the opportunity to return! 


Date: 6/7/2005  

Name:  Lance cooper
State/Province: florida

We spent two wonderful nights here in May and are already making plans to come back before the end of the year. Rick and Deb made us feel very welcome and the room was comfortable and had a great view. We stayed in "South Twin"  room. I can't say enough about how nice it is here and we strongly recommend that anybody travelling in this part of Maine stop by for a night or two. You will be glad you did.

Date: 6/3/2005  

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