Name: Sarah Strubhar
State/Province: IL

What can I not say about our stay at 5 Lakes Lodge.  Though we were guests back in February 2009 and I am just now adding this, it was one of the most enjoyable times we have had on vacation in Northern Maine and we have had many.  We were lucky enough Rick and Deb accomodated our entire family in the entire lodge for a week and I can say everyone was more than pleased with their stay. 

We were there to snowmobile but with my husband and I having a 4 month old I didn't get to do much riding.  Snowmobiling was always the highlight of my winter and with not being able to ride this past winter I can say it really didnt' matter while staying at the lodge.  Rick and Deb made me feel more than welcome during the days and were always there to help if I needed anything for us or the little one.

The breakfasts were indescribable.  Let's just say I would eat the "starter" portion of the breakfast and be satisfied but Deb wouldn't stop there.  She was then ready and willing to cook us a breakfast that was sure to please. 

It is hard for to describe in words the enjoyment and relaxation we had that entire week.  All I can say is I hope we can return there again someday even if only for a few days instead of a week just to relish in the great company of Rick and Deb.  Thanks so much for everything and for those future guests you WILL NOT be disappointed at all.

Date: 12/1/2009  

Name:  Ben & LaVon Euler
State/Province: Indiana

My husband and I just returned from our 2nd stay at 5 Lakes Lodge.  This trip was his surprise gift to me for my 50th birthday, and when he told me where we were going, I wept...with joy.  We had the pleasure of being among Rick & Debbie's first guests after they opened the lodge in July 2004, and always knew we would return...just didn't plan on it taking us 5 years to do so.  When we were at 5 Lakes Lodge over Labor Day weekend in 2004, we brought my 70 year old father with us.  He and I were both recuperating from recent surgeries, and what better place to relax and rejuvenate, right?  But when he found out we were staying at a B&B, he wasn't exactly thrilled.  Being somewhat of a recluse, he didn't relish the idea of staying in "someone else's home" and having to interact with people he didn't know.  However, when it came time to check out of 5 Lakes Lodge and head on to Bar Harbor for Phase II of our trip, guess who didn't want to leave?  You guessed Dad!  I'm not sure what won him over...whether it was the fact that Rick and Debbie treated us like we were family...or the gastro feasts they refer to as "breakfast"...the charm, comfort and unbeatable location of the lodge...the unexpected but very much appreciated twilight boat ride on the lake to see eagles and loons...or being lulled to sleep by gentle waves lapping on the shore and the distant call of a loon...but we all left 5 Lakes Lodge vowing to return some day and hoping to find it just as we left it...intimate, beautiful and magical.


Now, fast forward 5 years and not only am I recuperating from yet another surgery, but I get to spend my 50th birthday at one of my favorite places on the planet--5 Lakes Lodge!  I was SO hoping that nothing had changed...and for the most part, it hadn't.  It's still the intimate, beautiful and magical place of my memories, and if anything, it's only improved.  Rick, Debbie and Amber are as welcoming and accessible as ever, the lodge is still immaculately clean, comfy and cozy and the breakfasts are still a gastro feast!  And the awe-inspiring location and views are still, well, indescribable.  We arrived at the lodge at sunset just as Rick, Debbie, Amber and the other guests were returning from a boat ride on the lake.  After darkness fell, several of us sat outside by the lake getting acquainted, telling jokes, and all the while being serenaded by loons and dazzled by God's fireworks.  It was almost if the loons knew we had returned and had composed a special symphony they’d been saving to perform just for us!  When we finally succumbed to fatigue and decided to say our "goodnights," we had the pleasure of climbing into THE most comfortable bed I've ever known.  I think if it weren’t for the enticing aromas of Debbie’s incredible breakfasts wafting thru the morning air, or the lure of the lake, the loons, the sunshine and the fresh air beckoning to “come, enjoy, experience,” I could’ve spent the remainder of the vacation cocooned in that heavenly cradle. 


On our first full day at 5 Lakes Lodge, we decided just to take it easy and stay close to “home.”  We had a leisurely and delicious breakfast and then drove into Millinocket to pick up some things.  When we returned to the lodge, Rick and Debbie offered to take us and their other guests for a boat ride on the lake, which we gladly accepted.  It was unseasonably hot, humid and hazy for the entirety of our stay, so the prospect of a breezy boat ride and cool dip in the lake was especially enticing.  We saw loons, a young bald eagle, a mature bald eagle, and even got a “peak” at Katahdin, which the late-summer haze had almost completely obscured.  We returned to the lodge totally relaxed, a little bit sunburnt and with our cameras full of incredibly beautiful photos to serve as mementos of what a great day it had been.  Later that evening we had a delicious gourmet dinner at River Drivers Restaurant in Millinocket--a restaurant that Rick and Debbie had turned us onto on our previous visit--and when we returned to the lodge, Debbie had baked a birthday cake for me, complete with candles and ice cream!  Now, I ask you, does it get any better, or more thoughtful, than that?  I think not.  And when we retired to our “Ambajejus” room for the evening, with our bellies full from excellent food and drink, our eyes full from all the beautiful sights we had seen and our hearts full from the outpouring of warm hospitality we had been shown - the loons - though not as vocal as the night before - sang us to sleep once again.


On our second day, we had yet another delicious breakfast and then set out for Baxter State Park.  It was hard deciding whether to go sightseeing along The Golden Road or go the park, but this time the park won.  While in the park, we only saw one cow moose on the road to Dacey Pond, as well as a doe and two spotted fauns at Rum Brook, but after we exited the park at the Matagamon Gate at sunset, we saw 2 moose along the highway, a fox and a skunk.  We stopped for lobster rolls at “Craig’s Clam Shop” in Patten before returning to the lodge for the evening.  After a very long, very hot day of hiking, sightseeing and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in the park, returning to the lodge was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert!


As dawn arose on the morning of check-out, my heart and spirit began to sink, knowing that I was going to have to say goodbye to “my” beloved 5 Lakes Lodge once again.  There’s something about this place that creeps into your soul and takes ahold of you...leaving you wanting more...and knowing that it’s not a matter of IF you return, but WHEN you will return...  I haven’t said anything in this homage/love letter to 5 Lakes Lodge that hasn’t already been covered by the other guests, but if you’re reading this review, you owe it to yourself to “come, enjoy, experience” it firsthand, because as the title of my review suggests, “There are no words to describe the magic that is 5 Lakes Lodge.” 


And to Rick, Debbie and Amber...a million thanks...over and over...  We hope to return again when a blanket of snow covers the earth, the ice on the lake is 40 inches thick and Ben turns 48.  In the meantime, take good care and continue living the life us lesser mortals can only but dream of ;-)

Date: 8/22/2009  

Name: Jesse Moberg
State/Province: Wisconsin

Rick and Debbie couldn't have been more gracious hosts serving delicious food and suggesting great hiking trip and adventures.  This was our first stay in a Bed and Breakfast, and we couldn't have been more pleased.  Exactly as advertised and more!

Date: 7/2/2009  

Name:  John and Julie Keegan
State/Province: Maine

Though we are not serious hikers at all, we were excited to visit the Baxter State Park/Mt. Katahdin area.  Our choice of lodging could not have been better.  The location is perfect and Rick and Debbie are wonderful hosts. They were most helpful in guiding us "in the right direction" for the best sights.  We can't wait to go back!

Date: 6/29/2009  

Name: Debbie and Gene
State/Province: Indiana

Don't think twice about making a reservation here - just do it!  You won't be disappointed!  The accommodations, hosts, and scenery were all perfect!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Date: 6/25/2009  

Name:  Susan and Tom DeBolt
State/Province: Virginia

My husband and I visited 5 Lakes Lodge in July of 2008.  We wanted something convenient to Mt. Katahdin.  We found a natural wonderland. 

Rick and Debbie went out of their way to help us in whatever activity we wanted.  We kayaked, watched the loons, had campfires in the evening, saw moose, found local attractions, ate wonderful meals (especially Debbie's breakfasts), and Tom made it up Mt. Katahdin and back--a lifetime goal.  There are no more helpful or welcoming hosts!

I think any time of year would be great at 5 Lakes.  Thank you Rick and Debbie!

Susan and Tom DeBolt

Date: 4/7/2009  

Name:  Michael Williams
State/Province: Maine

I just wanted to let you know that we loved our stay at your bed & breakfast!! Being from New York and now Portland, Maine it was a great experience to get away from it all. Your home and the views are fabulous!! Even though I stayed at your bed & breakfast for business purposes I will definitely be back this summer for vacation purposes. Your hospitality, warmth and overall genuine kindness will make everyone feel welcome.

Date: 3/27/2009  

Name: Stuart and Sharon Spigel
State/Province: TN

We recently decided to forsake our usual fall "color trip" to coastal Maine and come to the North Woods instead...and we are so glad we did! Much of the enjoyment of our vacation was due to our accommodation at 5 Lakes Lodge. The Maine lodge atmosphere is complimented by pristine cleanliness and an elegant bath...two things which we deem essential. All rooms feature an incredible view across the Twin Lakes to Mt. Katahdin. Our innkeepers, Rick and Debbie, really made us feel like old friends. Strange, but they really seem to enjoy having guests in their home! Deb creates incredible breakfasts every morning, and Rick knows just about all there is to know about this beautiful region. There truly is nothing in the world like Maine in peak color season. Can't wait to return for a snowmobiling vacation. We greatly enjoyed our stay, and know that you will too. What's not to like?

Date: 10/30/2008  

Name:  Malcolm & Mary Todd
State/Province: Scotland

Many thanks, Rick and Debbie, for a wonderful stay. Your home is luxury in the wilderness.  We couldn't have asked for a better welcome, a more comfortable room or tastier breakfasts!  The local knowledge was invaluable, guiding us to the bests sites both in Baxter Park and the surrounding areas, as well as local dining suggestions.  A highlight was our flightseeing trip with Tony over Mount Katahdin, the glorious fall foliage and we even saw two moose.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend 5Lakes Lodge to anyone and we'll be trying to make a return trip soon.

Date: 10/21/2008  

Name:  Mark Kelley
State/Province: ME

My wife and I received a gift from a family member of a weekend at 5 Lakes Lodge. We had never been there before and arrived frazzled from the work-a-day world and not expecting much more than a motel stay. What we found was an excellent bed-and-breakfast, with the absolute best view of Mount Katahdin we had ever seen, from the window of our room, in an establishment run by two of the nicest, most thoughtful, most capable "hoteliers" we have ever encountered, Rick and Debbie Levasseur. (And we've had the privilege of staying in some very nice places, including a top ten rated B-&-B :-) We hadn't been out of the car five minutes when they invited us to head out on the lake with them. And that kind of personal attention continued throughout the weekend. The lodge itself is a thing of beauty, positioned exactly right, and lovingly crafted by Rick and Debbie. 5 Lakes Lodge isn't all that far from our home, near Bangor, but our time there,  in that incredibly beautiful and peaceful place, left us feeling recharged and refreshed as we headed back to everyday life. Our deep thanks to Rick and Debbie for making this wonderful experience available to all of us. (In the interests of full disclosure, I should inform anyone tempted to think Rick and Debbie put me up to this glowing review, that I am a long-time professional journalist, not given to blowing smoke. Our visit to 5 Lakes Lodge was every bit as fine as I've described it here.) 

Date: 9/27/2008  

Name: gail and jim plotts
State/Province: maine

We had a great time at your Lodge.  You were both terrific hosts with your advice on dining choices AND where we could see our FIRST Moose.  The views from our room across the lake to Mt. Katahdin were spectacular.

We would recommend your Lodge to anyone.

Date: 9/23/2008  

Name: Kirill and Jen

We loved 5 Lakes Lodge. Deb and Rick were great hosts (wonderful breakfasts!) but most important to us, they were very knowledgeable about Baxter state park and all of the amazing things there are to do in the area around the lodge. The rooms were beautiful with an amazing view of Mt. Katahdin. I highly recommend it!

Date: 9/15/2008  

Name:  Elaine Hyman

This lodge seems perfect for a couple---for privacy---comfort---relaxation.  The lodge has only five units---so it's quiet and exclusive.  Each room/unit has a jacuzzi, so it's deluxe.  Each room has a tiled floor, so it's absolutely clean. The kingsize beds have cotton quilts, so it's confortable.  Each room faces the lake and the mountains, so the view from your bed is as if you are on a ship---peaceful view.  Debbie makes breakfast and Rick talks about the area, so you are well fed and know where you are in the world.  Such attention to detail---Deb uses loon-patterned china in the summer and cardinal china in the winter. They are so friendly.  The public rooms are beautiful---high, looking out at the lake, and binoculars on the table.  The loons are swimming and trilling.  Rick and Deb let you use their kyaks---and it is so comfortable to paddle on the lake which is a mild temperature, and you can swim.  This is all located at the end of the Appalacian Trail---so you can go hiking in the woods and look for moose and eat wild blueberries.  We saw four moose;  lots of frogs, a fox, loons, marvelous clouds shifting and moving over the mountain and lake, the lake changing from green to deep magenta.  Did you know Thoreau climbed Mt. Katahdin?  You can't do it unless you are an equipped hiker/climber.We stayed four nights.  We liked this area much better than the coastal area of Maine.  We would have liked better weather---it turned rainy---and summer does that in Maine---but it always seemed as if it cleared up quickly or when we went out to hike---maybe 20 miles away---the sun was shining, there.  We wish we had a house like this, ourselves.

Date: 8/24/2008  

Name:  Steve and Chrys Alam
State/Province: MA, USA

Dear Debbie and Rick, We want to tell you that we had just the very best time this past week when we stayed at 5 Lakes Lodge! We haven't stopped talking about it and showing photos to the family. Debbie, you are a Martha Stewart special! I wish I could cook and decorate like you do. I'm going to try making that Strawberry Cheese Coffee Cake recipe you gave me for the holidays. You were also so very accommodating with my special dietary needs. Can't thank you enough! .... And Rick, you are just the most helpful and kind person! We got our tire fixed at Stanley's and had a great trip home, thanks to you! We're hoping to get snowmobiling lessons from you this winter! We had so much fun kayaking, that we bought 2 Ocean kayak Scramblers on our way home in Kittery. We pick them up this wknd as we had Steve's little convertible with us last week. We're going to practice up on our skills for next time! Again, the Lodge is so beautiful and you made us feel like old friends with your graciousness, humor, and relaxed way of "being." It all felt so good. Our only regret is that we hadn't found you sooner! We'd have pushed hard coming down from Cape Breton and spent the better part of the week with you! Much love and wishes for all good things. We will definitely see you again. Chrys and Steve Alam

Date: 8/21/2008  

Name:  Kim and Scott
State/Province: New York

We had never stayed at a B&B before and had our reservations thinking we might feel like we were intruding into someone else's life by staying at their house. From the moment we arrived until we left we were made to feel more like family than guest. Thank you Rick and Debbie, you couldn't have been more perfect host. I keep thinking of the sticky bread you made our last day there, delicious! We will also always remember PP Island! We will make it a point to tell everyone about your place and hope we will return this winter or next summer. Thanks again for a great stay.

Date: 8/13/2008  

Name: Anita Renton
State/Province: MA

What a find!  Five Lakes is a gem.  Beautifully designed and impeccably maintained, the lodge offers breathtaking views of Mount Katahdin by day and a skyful of stars at night.  Our two-night stay here was very comfortable and wonderfully relaxing.  Debbie and Rick served a generous breakfast each morning, and they were generous as well with their knowledge of the region, offering us good advice about dining and hiking options. We also enjoyed the canoes and kayaks available to guests for use on the lake.  We'll definitely be back, and we'll recommend 5 Lakes to family and friends.  Thanks, Debbie and Rick!     

Date: 8/8/2008  

Name:  Peter & Tracy Dobie
State/Province: ON

We had such a great time!! Thank you Rick and Debbie for such a wonderful place to kick back and relax! Amazing spot you have! You made us feel right at home, however we certainly slept much better there without all the noises of our own busy home. The rooms were beautiful and breakfast to 'die for'! We were happy to be able to summit Katahdin. What a mean mountain! We are missing you already and hope to return someday again! It was a pleasure and thank you so very much!

Date: 7/18/2008  

Name:  Avner Butnaru
State/Province: MA

5 Lakes Lodge is an amateur astonomer's dream. My wife did the reservation for the week of July 4, 2008, with the intention of doing some hiking far away from the crowds. When I looked it up on the map, I realized the place is literally in the middle of 'nowhere'. A quick check on the light pollution map,, showed that this place must be really dark. So I packed my 15" Dobs together with my hiking gear. We got to 5 Lakes Lodge after a long drive from Boston. It was worth the effort: this B&B and its premises are spectacular. The whole premise is on South Twin Lake, on a small peninsula. The rooms are rustic style and luxurious. From every room you can see the lake and mount Katahdin. The lodge is big, spacious, new construction. It is 10 miles away from the closest town, Millinocket. We had two nights of great observing. I set up the Dobs on the premise. The lawn is large enough so that the lodge does not obstruct the sky at low elevations. This darkness is what you dream about: perfect sky from horizon to horizon, with stars visible easily at magnitude 7 and beyond. Imagine the glory of the Milky Way....seeing the Andromeda Galaxy and M13 with bare eye.......... Our hosts, Debbie and Rick graciously turned off the lodge's outside lights once they undestood my dark sky addiction. We also had a great time during the day: the area is notorious for its outdoor activities (that's the main reason we got to this place). We did a lot of hiking in Baxter Park, boating and wild life watching. For the amateur astonomer hungry for dark skies I can say that this is the place you want to be: watch the stars at night and the moose during the day.

Date: 7/9/2008  

Name: Gail & Bill Strietmann
State/Province: Ohio

Debbie and Rick,

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality. Your lodge is beautiful, and you made us feel part of your family. We are telling everybody here in Cincinnati that staying at the 5 Lakes Lodge is a must do!

We dropped Abby at Baxter State Park, where she will work on the "trail crew" this summer. Needless to say we were concerned about dropping her in unfamiliar territory. But, after getting to know you, we feel that we have friends in Millinocket, and that if need be, she can ask for your help. As parents, that's huge.

See you in August. (I'm bringing my fly rod for sure this time!) And maybe this winter, too. Snowmobiling sounds great.

Missing the "starters",  

Gail & Bill Strietmann


Date: 6/7/2008  

Name:  Michele and Don McGuire
State/Province: PA

My husband and I just wanted to say our brief visit to the lodge was wonderful! We arrived later than expected after a very long trail ride from Fort Kent, but Rick & Debbie made us feel right at home, fed us dinner unexpectedly and provided us with a bottle of wine to help start a relaxing evening. It took us all winter to get to you but now that we know where you are we are anxiously planning another visit, hopefully this season!

Thank you for your warm and gracious hospitality.


Date: 2/25/2008  

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