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Mount Katahdin's Hunt Trail - Baxter State Park
Hiking & Scenery

The Gateway on Mt Katahdin's Hunt Trail. The tableland is at the top of this rise
Hiking on Baxter State Park's Mt. Katahdin

Hunt Trail on Mt. Katahdin

Northern End of Appalachian Trail - Katahdin Stream Campground to Baxter Peak

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 5¼ mile
Time: 3 hours, 40 minutes

Katahdin Stream Falls from Katahdin Stream Campground via Hunt Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2½ miles round trip
Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

From Katahdin Stream Campground, the trail heads northeast paralleling Katahdin Stream, and ascends at a moderate grade through mixed forests and open areas. These areas are strewn with huge boulders of pink and white Katahdin granite. At approximately 1.1 mile, a side trail turns left and ascends 2.2 miles to the summit of "The Owl" (elevation 3,736 feet). Shortly after this intersection you will cross Katahdin Stream and have an opportunity to view Katahdin Stream Falls.

Ascending at a steep grade, the trail keeps to the southeast (right) of Whitherle Ravine and after 1.5 miles you will pass a "cave" formed by two large rocks. The next mile, known as the Hunt Spur, is very steep and difficult until you reach the "Gateway." After the Gateway, there is easier walking along the Tableland. (This section is exposed, so proceed cautiously or turn back in inclement weather.) The trail traverses the Tableland north approximately ¼ mile to Thoreau Spring. An unreliable water source, it is named for Henry David Thoreau, who climbed Baxter Peak in the 1800s. From the junction, Abol Trail descends south down a rough slide area (Abol Slide); Baxter Peak Cut-off heads north across the Tableland to the Saddle Trail and the Hunt Trail continues east across the Tableland a distance of 1 mile to Baxter Peak. A sign at Baxter Peak marks the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.

"It was so awe-inspiring as we started our climb in full sunshine and then the clouds began to creep over the top of the ridge and obscure the summit. Soon after we reached the top the clouds gave way to the sun again and wow! The views were spectacular. It was a most rewarding adventure and experience that we shall never forget. What an awesome mountain is the great Katahdin." - Dale & Vickie Bynum, Texas

Other Trails on Mt. Katahdin

The following are the popular trails going up Mt. Katahdin. Each trail features a page of photos so you can get a close look at what they are like.

Abol Trail

Abol Campground to Thoreau Spring

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 2¾ mile
Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

...Abol Trail Details and Photos

Chimney Pond Trail

Roaring Brook Campground to Chimney Pond

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3¼ mile
Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

...Chimney Pond Trail Details and Photos

Cathedral Trail

Chimney Pond to Baxter Peak, the "hard" way

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 1¾ mile
Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

...Cathedral Trail Details and Photos

Saddle Trail

Chimney Pond to Baxter Peak, the "easier" way

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 2¼ mile
Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

...Saddle Trail Details and Photos

Knife Edge Trail

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 1 mile
Time: 1 hour

...Knife Edge Trail Details and Photos

Dudley Trail

Chimney Pond to Pamola Peak

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 1¼ mile
Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes

...Dudley Trail Details and Photos

Helon Taylor Trail

Roaring Brook to Pamola Peak

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 3¼ mile
Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

...Helon Taylor Trail Details and Photos

Park Season & Gate Hours

For safety reasons, rangers at Baxter Park require you to start your hikes early enough to safely finish in daytime. The times are available at our lodge.

Additional Park Info

For more information on Baxter State Park, visit:

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detailed Blow Up View

Looking at Tableland from Baxter Peak
Looking west from
Baxter peak at the tableland.
Note the snow (June) and
intersection with Abol trail

Large boulders near the top of the Spur section of the Hunt Trail
Nearing the top of the Spur, the boulders are BIG!
Note the white trail blazes

Looking at steel grab bar and down the steep Spur section of the Hunt Trail
Looking down the steep
Spur section - Hold on Baby!

Iron assist bar on Spur section of Hunt Trail
Iron bar to assist you when climbing the Spur section

The Gateway on the Hunt Trail with the tableland on top of the rise
Ahhh! The Gateway!
The tableland is at the
top of this slight "rise"

View of the Owl, Mt. Coe, North & South Brother from the Hunt Trail
View of the Owl, Mt. Coe, North & South Brother
from the Hunt Trail

Katahdin Stream Falls
Katahdin Stream Falls

Katahdin from Katahdin Stream Campground
Katahdin Stream Campground

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